RESOLVED: Zillow Zestimate Functionality Gone

In the settings menu (gear icon) in the upper right of the property account, there is a toggle to “Show/Hide Zillow Property Estimation Bar”. Clicking it turns the Zillow functionality on/off.

Don't know why/how it turned itself off, and don't know how I missed the menu toggle earlier, but apparently I did. In any case, this problem is resolved.

Quicken Premier r47.15 WIN 11

I went to check my property value which I do every month or so. My Zillow functionality is gone. No buttons, no mentions, nothing. I don't know exactly when it disappeared, but I'm fairly sure it was there in one of the earlier 47.xx revisions.

I tried all the basics - restarted Quicken, rebooted laptop, validate file, installed mondo patch. No luck.

Anyone else seeing this?