Quick Pay Bill Pay failure not fully cancelling register transaction

Quicken Premier for Windows Version R47.15 Build

Quick Pay register transactions that are automatically canceled do to internal QP failures (see "Payment_Status.jpg") are not cancelling the split-transaction entries.

When Quicken cancels the QP transaction the payment amount is removed from the register itself (see "PaymentRemoved.jpg") but the underlying split-transaction entry amounts remain in the split-transaction rather than also being removed (see "SplitTransactionDetail.jpg").

If an account was used as a split-transaction category then this account also retains the original QP amount (see "SplitTransactionAcount.jpg") causing the split-transaction account to become out of balance.

When a QP failure occurs Quicken needs to remove the payment amounts from both the transaction and all split-transaction entries.

Work Around:
A work around is to manually zero out each split-transaction entry after it is known that the QP transaction failed.