Chase Credit Card Transactions downloading when doing a Schwab transaction download

On intermittent occasions, when downloading my Charles Schwab transactions, my Chase Credit card transactions download as well. I am not using One Step Update, but working directly within the register of my Schwab account. When I look at the Chase credit card account, new transactions appear, but the last download date in the header still shows the previous download date. A bit concerning that Quicken is going out and retrieving account information I haven't asked for.


  • Frankx
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    Hi @ebcullen,

    That does seem to be strange behavior. Is there any change that the transactions in the Schwab account are related to (or involve in some way) your Chase credit card account? Any chance that you are making payments on the credit card account balance through one of your Schwab accounts?


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  • ebcullen
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    Frankx. Thanks. No, there are no relations whatsoever between Schwab and Chase accounts. The only commonality is that they both use web connect+ for their connection.