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In 2020 the community was requesting this. Now in 2023 there is still no ETA. It's time you started giving the community an ETA.

If there are 10 people who are asking there are at least 500 who want but don't take the time.
Get the API fixed so subscribers ($120 annual) can have less work to do when trading in Cryptocurrency.
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  • UKR
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    Have you seen the for Release 44.20 of September last year?
    Some improvements for tracking crypto currencies in investment account registers as if they were securities (of Type = Crypto) were announced there.
    A setting in Edit / Preferences / Reports only now allows up to 8 places after the decimal point for proper reporting of crypto currencies.
    I have also seen mention in Community discussions that the ticker symbol for cryptos should (must?) begin with an “^” character, e.g., ^BTCUSD
    However, I don't know about downloading quotes and determining which ticker symbol to use.

  • Jim_Harman
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    In the Release Notes, “investment customers” means you must have Premier and up to enable the Crypto features.

    There was some confusion about this when it was first released. The release notes that you can view under the Help menu have been revised to clarify this but apparently they never updated the Web version.

    QWin Premier subscription