Why is downloading data from my Merrill Lynch account not working?

When I attempt to download transactions from my ML account using One Step Update it is not able to handle the password. If I try to use it out of the password vault it says "...cannot use the password entered." . I have tried deleting it and reentering it and I get the same thing. When enter it manually (password no longer exists in the vault), it takes the password and then does nothing, not even an error dialog. I have also used "Reset Account" in the Account Edit/Delete Online Services window I ultimately get an error indicating that Quicken could not complete the account reset.

I have verified the password and it works when I login manually from the web page.

This Quicken feature used to work flawless and still works for my two other ML accounts. I am very disappointed that I can no longer use this feature.


  • Mark1104
    Mark1104 Member ✭✭✭✭

    have you called Quicken Support or Merrill support?