Problem with USAA Federal Bank

Quicken for Windows ver 47.15 Build Encountered multiple problems subsequent to the "reauthorization process" with One Step Update (OSU) for Schwab, USAA, NFCU, Golden 1, for all of the accounts. Over last 5 days I fixed all of those and have OSU working again. EXCEPT when I updated USAA Federal Savings Bank, specifically the Checking update gave me back all of my data entries for deposits and payments as the reverse. So a Payment (debit or EFT) is added to the funds total and Deposits (Pensions) are subtracted from the funds total. Now my Quicken Account for USAA bank is showing -$213,022.95 as the Opening Balance and every other deposit and payment subtracts or adds from there till the present.
It is not happening in any other USAA account nor any other of the financial institutions I have reconnected with via One Step Update.

I deactivated USAA OSU from all of the accounts and tried again; with a new backup copy of the file before the corruption. Same thing happened; only USAA checking is debiting deposits and crediting payments? Anyone else with this problem or any solutions out there??