Report settings shouldn't be reset when going from one category to another

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Every year I have to generate Cash Flow reports, by category, of "last year" for my tax guy. I click on a category (when the mouse changes to a magnifying glass) to blow it up and see all transactions. I then customize the view quite a bit, removing a whole bunch of columns that I don't want such as check number, tag, tax item, clear, etc. (All I need is date, description, category and amount.) After exporting that to an Excel file, I go back to the original report by category, click on another category to blow it up, and unfortunately I have to start the whole view customization all over again because Quicken doesn't remember how I had just set the last blown up view 5 seconds ago. Please change the report interface so that it remembers which columns appear in what order, how wide each column is, which columns are hidden, etc. Even better, remember the display settings globally so that next year when I generate all these reports again, it's already set the way I want.

And even better: have a batch export option. Put checkboxes by each category I want to explode/print/export, give me a preview screen of columns and their format, then export each category to its own Excel file with a filename that matches the category / subcategory.

Each year, this is what takes me the longest in preparing taxes for my tax guy. It takes even longer than creating PDFs of all the tax documents snail mailed to me!

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    Have you tried saving the report, as customized, so that next year you only need to change the date?

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    This would certainly be a nice improvement, but I think it would be take careful design to implement in a way that does not have unwanted side effects. Currently, the detail reports that pop up when you double click on a summary line are filtered versions of the standard Banking Transaction report template and thus use all of its column settings.

    Recently Quicken changed the Banking Transactions report so that column width settings are saved whenever the report is closed and affect all reports based on that template. Perhaps they could extend that change so that the columns to show are also saved, but that might cause unwanted side effects when the template is used elsewhere.

    One possible way to handle this would be if you change the layout of the detail report then use the back arrow at the top left to return to the main report, it could remember those changes and use them the next time you open the detail report. Even better would be if Quicken could remember the detail report layout settings when you save the main report.

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