Update of cash positions in investing accounts.

My investment tracking is set to “Enable Simple Investment (track positions only)” and when performing a “One Step Update” the positions are updated correctly. However, the cash positions in the investing accounts zero out. It seems like a bug. Is there a fix for it?

I am running Quicken Deluxe, version R47.15, build running on Windows 10 Home.


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    Hi @Yitzhak Zilberman

    Can you tell us which financial institution (or institutions) is/are involved, and also whether the “cash” positions are actually cash, or if it is held in a money market type vehicle?

    Other users have in the past reported similar problems and it is usually caused by the format that the financial institution is using. This is likely not a problem with the Quicken application.


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  • Yitzhak Zilberman
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    Sure. The institution is UBS Financial Services Inc. Most of the cash is in an insured SWEEP program and some of it is in a deposit account.
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