Issues With Authorization Window Reappearing After Already Doing So

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  • SGK
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    The new arrangement between Quicken and USAA is JUNK. I already cancelled two accounts with USAA because I am tired of dealing with it, and built a spreadsheet to replace Quicken. The same transactions download over and over from a month ago, and I have to check and delete each duplicate one at a time. Even though I authorize USAA in that Quicken annoyance window, it comes back the next time I use it. I am going to cancel my membership with Quicken if this keeps up because the Quicken produce is supposed to SIMPLIFY my life, not complicate it. The problems with Quicken have been endless the last year and frankly I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.
  • Quicken Jared
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    Hello @SGK ,

    We are sorry about this problem with online banking services and being prompted to reauthorize accounts constantly. Thank you for letting us know about this here on the Quicken Community.

    First, are these issues restricted to the Mobile application? The thread in which you had posted was located in the Area of the Community associated with the Mobile application, exclusively. Also, am I correct in understanding that this problem is occurring whenever you try to update accounts?

    I look forward to your responses.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

  • SGK
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    on my computer with quicken R47.15 Build Problem solved. I cancelled my accounts at USAA, told them why, built a spread sheet and will cancel Quicken on my next renewal if y'all don't stop messing with things for your convenience and my inconvenience.