Charles Schwab Download Broken (Again)

So the download from Charles Schwab is conceptually working again (the connection process thinks it goes through). But not really. No new transactions are actually downloaded.

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  • Quicken Jasmine
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    Hello @Alec H,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Quicken Community, though I do apologize for the issues that you have been experiencing.

    Before I can further assist you, I require some more information. What exactly is the issue that you are experiencing? Do you receive any error codes or messages? How long has this issue been occurring? To clarify, you were able to add and link your accounts, you are unable to download transactions?

    I look forward to your response.

    -Quicken Jasmine
  • Alec H
    Alec H Member
    The problem is exactly what I described, nothing more, nothing less. And reported by lots of other people on this bulletin board since Quicken finally implemented the FDX protocol for downloading.

    Long standing Quicken customer (decades). Long standing accounts. Been downloading transactions for years.

    But now about every other month, including this week, I go to update my Schwab accounts. The download transaction process runs and reports that it has successfully completed. No error messages.

    But in fact, none of the transactions since the last month have been downloaded. And resetting and relinking the account does not solve the problem. I have to enter the missing transactions manually. And that is rapidly making Quicken less useful and sticking with it less likely.

    The only thing that's a little different is that I have one Schwab customer ID, but multiple Schwab accounts. In addition, using that one customer ID I am downloading transactions from some Schwab accounts into one Quicken file, then switching to another Quicken file and downloading transaction from different Schwab accounts (but same Schwab customer ID) into that file.

    While that unusual configuration might be the source of this specific problem, I've had the same problem on some credit card accounts (where I have one customer ID, one account and I'm using only one Quicken file).

    I have pretty extensive computer and software programming background. It seems clear that Quicken's implementation of FDX has a highly imperfect sense of "state". Whatever logging or tracking your are doing, the download process is getting "lost" and thinks it has already downloaded transactions it hasn't or can't keep track of when downloads have been performed.

    Please note that I also did not appreciate you editing my post. I suppose you think you're protecting Quicken somehow. But the fact of the matter is what I posted is completely accurate. I use other programs and services which have had to implement the FDX protocol. They have had NONE of the transition issues or the recurring download problems that Quicken has.
  • M Kitt
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    Not working for me either.
  • Letty
    Letty Member ✭✭
    Still not working for me either. No downloads since Feb 26th. I have supported the help requests with the associated logs. Yesterday a moderator (Jared) reported the issue fixed. It is not. The only thing that changed is that now when you download, it doesn't say there are 501 issues, it just says the update is complete when in fact no transactions download and the download date at top of each Schwab account still reports Feb 26th as last download. I know there have been transactions since Feb 26th. Very tiresome...... esp as getting the same issue for Capital One accounts too...
  • exumry
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    My problem has been here for over 3 months. Downloads from Schwab cash accounts reflect only the total net of transactions in the day, not each transaction (i.e. three individual transactions to different billing or payment agencies clearing on the same day show as one transaction). Therefore to assign expense categories to each transaction I have to go to my account on the Schwab website, look under "History" to find the details of all transactions that occurred on that date, and then perform a "split" on the transaction and enter the individual items manually. this is impossible to efficiently work.
  • Robert789652
    Robert789652 Member

    I am having an issue as well. It has worked fine for the last two years. It stopped working about 1 or 2 weeks ago, so I decided to Deactivate it in Quicken for Online Services. I then tried to add it back for online services in Quicken. It seems to work to a point, when I click “set up Now” in the account details - Online Services window of Quicken, it opens my browser as expected to enter my credentials directly on the Charles Schwab security page. Everything seems like it is going to work until I review the information to link to my exisiting Schwab account in quicken. In the Quicken Window, My Charles Schwab account choices to choose are either “Savings” or “Checking”. Note that this is an investment account. When I try to link it to an existing account, my choices are limited to my existing banking accounts in Quicken. My Charles Schwab account is not even shown as a choice. It therefore fails to allow me to link the downloads to my proper account. Please address this issue. Thanks.

  • nashblue
    nashblue Member

    I have been having some problems with this also. I have re-setup my schwab accounts (3) several times (at least 3)

    The first time I updated today only my citi accounts updated. I had reestablished the download capacity for them last week. All my other accounts had disappeared.

    I edited all the connections and was able to download to schwab. Then I edited a different credit card and it mistakenly updated one of my schwab accounts. I reset up my schwab account downloads 3 times. Now it says it is updating them but they do not appear in the account summary with all of the other accounts.

    Last week I copied my Quicken to a new file and started using it. I have also validated my file several times. I have been using Quicken since the early 90's and my file is 168,000 kb. I use Home Business and Rental property. At this time of year I start getting hinky errors like transactions duplicating themselves at the bottom of the screen. I have to delete the dupes and reformat the file.

    I am heavily dependent on Quicken and would like to feel it is reliable. I have tried making my file smaller by archiving end of year but it just corrupted everything.

  • GeoffW
    GeoffW Member

    Very frustrating, no Schwab accounts downloading and now no credit card downloads are working. I've used Quicken for 30 years and have never had the problems it apprears we are all having within the last year to 2 years. Quicken used to be great for my needs. Now, not so much.

  • tired techie
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    One of Quicken's biggest values is the ability to download financial transaction to it's desktop software.

    One of Quicken's biggest issues is the instability of it's transaction download capabilities.

    Whoever is setting the prioritization for Quicken development resources can pretend not to know about all the download issues repeatedly discussed on this forum.

    And the Quicken Office of the President, can ignore the issues brought before them as well.

    And the Quicken moderators can repeatedly state, "issue ongoing, teams working hard, no ETA", as they have for the Citibank download problem for almost a year (

    But sadly, for reasons that no one at Quicken cares to share, they do not feel a sense of urgency at remediating the fundamental download issues. And once your transactions are out of date, the value of the software starts to decrease rapidly.
  • Tom Young
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    edited March 27

    Same problem here, but only with my wife's three Schwab Accounts, not mine. I've certainly attempted all the usual ways to get her Accounts working again, without success.

    One odditity is that as part of the process of getting connected Schwab shows her 3 Accounts (IRAs of various sorts) and shows them as selected for downloading. The same screen also also shows our Schwab checking and savings Accounts as not being selected for downloading. I suppose that's because she can view those two bank accounts (as well as her IRAs) when she signs into the Schwab site, but I have those two accounts set up for downloading into Quicken under my User ID and password.

    Continuing working through the process I eventually see the Quicken screen with her 3 IRAs at Schwab properly line up with her 3 IRAs in Quicken and I click Finish or Continue or whatever's on that screen, at which point Quicken attemps to add a new Quicken Account called "Checking", and goes through the Add Account process of asking for the opening balance as of "today's" date. I've allowed Quicken to add that Account just to see if that will get her IRAs to begin downloading, but it doesn't.

  • Quicken Jasmine
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    edited March 28

    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, though we apologize that you are experiencing this.

    We have forwarded this issue to the proper channels to have this further investigated. In the meantime, we request that you please navigate to Help > Report a problem and submit a problem report with log files attached in order to contribute to the investigation.

    While you will not receive a response through this submission, these reports will help our teams further investigate the issue. The more problem reports we receive, the better.

    We apologize for any inconvenience! Thank you.


    -Quicken Jasmine
  • Alec H
    Alec H Member


    It would be helpful if Quicken published a list of which institutions have switched to the new FDX API (Schwab, obviously, since they helped develop it) and which are still using the older "screen scraping" technoligies (Express Web Connect, etc.).

    Obviously, that's changing over time. But it also seems clear that while the older technologies had their periodic challenges, a lot of the current problems appear to be with Quicken's implementation of FDX itself.

    Also, there are a lot of Mint users who are having trouble with transaction downloads since their financial institutions switched to FDX. And a fair amount of web commentary suggesting that Quicken is relying on Intuit's implementation of FDX. Or the two now separate companies, but still linked to some degree, are sharing/co-developing the same code. Can you confirm or deny that's the case?

  • kdollar
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    Problems started with Schwab, now downloading is completely jammed on all accounts and freezes into the grey screen wheel of death. I have to C+Alt+Delete to close the porgram. I am a bookkeeper and this is on only one client's account, the two others are still downloading. All started with trying to "reset" the accounts that were not downlaoding properly. They cannot be deactivated or activated without freezing the whole show. nothing works. I have installed previous backups that inistuially worked for the other accounts but as soon as I attempted to activate Schwab, everything went back to the grey screen of frozen death. I am beyond frustrated.

    I sent the "report a probelm" two weeks ago! Nada.