Still fighting to download from Columbia Threadneedle

Loxmyth Member ✭✭
Columbia tells me that the problem is an incompatibility between their 2-factor authentication implementation and Quicken's code attempting to connect. They suggested a workaround which has worked for some people (Delete the Quicken accounts, go to Columbia's website and change password, then try adding the accounts back); unfortunately it didn't work for me.

I even tried creating an entirely new Quicken file and attempting to create the accounts in that. No dice.

I'm almost ready to try installing Quicken on another machine and attempting it there. But I don't really expect that would work any better.

As a stopgap I've gone all the way back to manually reconciling my investment account statements with Quicken. But... ugh.

Is there any chance that this will get fixed properly in the next year? Two? Decade?

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