One Step Update and Transaction Download Problems

In my experience One Step Update has been very inconsistent for the past year or two. Even when the summary shows accounts have been updated, transactions are not being downloaded from CITI Bank, Bank of America, and American Express. The problem is mainly with the Express Web connection. The update window “hangs” for minutes without completing the download.
I called Quicken customer service. They had me reset the cloud account and the update worked once immediately afterwards, but then failed again.
I have Quicken installed on two computers, one running on Windows 10 and the other on Windows 11. If one works, the other does not. I have to reset my cloud account every time if I have to download transactions; even then it does not work all the time.
I am using Quicken with the “Sync” function turned off since I do not use mobile and web versions. Off late something has changed with this process. In my opinion, the program is trying to sync with the cloud every time a one-step update is performed. Once in a while a window pops up with a spinning circle that says “syncing with the cloud”. The update does not work when it cannot sync. In other words, I have to perform a “Sync” operation every time for downloading transactions.
As for the C502 error with CITI, I showed it the customer service rep that the download works if it is done on the individual account even if C502 is displayed. It seemed to be a surprise to the rep who said that the issue will be reported to higher ups.
One step update has been a frustrating experience ever since Quicken became independent. Please look into this matter and fix the issues so that one step update works on across the board without one having to reset cloud account every time.


  • pdayrda
    pdayrda Member
    I'm also having trouble downloading transactions from my Citi account.
  • Armando21
    Armando21 Member

    My problem is I download Citi credit card transactions and accept and categorize them. THe next time I download, the same transactions reappear as if I had never done anything. Going on 3 months and I cannot find a solution. Please help