Retirement and budgets

aLfGordon Member ✭✭
After many years of simply saving, my life looks to retirement and spending. I'm an original DOS Quicken customer who has evolved through all these years.

I will soon be utilizing an annuity payout. This particular product allows the principal to remain as a hard asset. So, tracking the "value" of the fund as a core value is simple. It will however annuitize and also do a guaranteed payout each month.

How to I classify/categorize the payment as it flows to my checking account? In addition, back in the holding itself, how do I classify/categorize the internal earnings of the annuity itself.

If the product works as advertised, after a set required holding, the original account value will grow and be available for a lump sum or continued lifetime payout. I need to preserve the actual holding and not mess up the cash flow of Quicken through the monthly payouts.