Why Quicken is so slow?

One Step Update takes a lot of time and also runs as blocking process.

When I run “One Step Update” I can't use Quicken for about 10 minutes or so, it's modal progress window and blocking as I see it call.

It looks like MS DOS 30 years old application.

Any plans for Quicken to make it modern multi threading and multi CPU Cores application that can take bennefits of modern multi threading Windows 10 or 11 OS and multy Core CPU to provide expected User Experience?

It looks like that original Quicken from 1984 code wise is just updated with new features, while core architecture and expecially DB remain very dated.

Is it just me that see that modern Quicken can use modern Hardware with many CPU Cores, Memory, fast NVMe and etc?

This isn't just related to “One Step Update”, even switching between accounts takes time, also due to single process or thread implementation and / or recalculate on fly data for a view.

Any hope Quicken will be upgrated to modern architecture with appropriate DB to work fast?

Best Regards