Planning Budget not adding correctly

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I transfer $150 every week into "Scott's New Car Fund" which is saved as a savings account. Then once a month I transfer $831.69 back into my "Checking"

This process has been flawless until an update messed my budget all up. As you can see in the picture I should have 1 transaction at $831.69 but I have more. This is part of my Personal Income tab and "From Scott's New Car Fund" Meaning it should be showing what money has came from that account. It is showing me ins and outs of that account UNTIL the day actually comes around and I make that $150 transfer it goes away.

I have deleted the transfers and added them back in with no change. I have ran Validate 3 times with no problems. I also have 2 other transfers like this doing the same thing.

Any Ideas because the planning tab is worthless like this.


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    Here is another example: I put $125 in a "Roth" Account every week and then once a month I transfer back $500. But it is showing in/out until I enter it into Quicken. I also has a picture of the "TO Scott's Roth Fund" and that should only show what is going TO it.