Quicken STLL Changing Open Balance After DeActivation Because Downloads Stopped Working

Using Home & Bus R47.15, Build - After the need to DEACTIVATE BECAUSE DISCOVER BANK has not downloaded since 12/31/2022 (always EWC) telling me transactions downloaded but in fact nothing was downloaded. After attempt to setup download again there was STILL NO DOWNLOADED TRANSACTION ALTHOUGH QUICKEN INDICATED IT HAD DOWNLOADED. I knew there should have been 1 new transaction and 1 transaction to MATCH. After informing me that transacuStions had downloaded Qucken changed my opening balance by increasing the open balance by the amount of the transaction that should have downloaded as a credit. EXAMPLE: Open Balance before attempting download was $100.00, the credit that should have downloaded but did not was $10.00 so Quicken changed the open balance to $110.00 but did not download the $10.00 credit transaction. This has been going on for quite some time and Quicken with many different financial institutions and you have claimed to have fixed the problem but apparently not. I am truely ready after 11 years (with very few issues until Quicken tookover) to seek another product. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. ALSO FIX DOWNLOAD ISSUES.


  • TheComputerLady
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    I forgot to mention that I am not synching to the Cloud (except unfortunately when i scan documents they get put in the cloud and I have to constantly delete the cloud copy after every scan; this should also be fixed because I have synching turned off) therefore my data file is on my hard drive.