Quicken makes you pay for its own mistakes

Quicken makes you suffer for its mistakes. One day, out of the blue, it rejected my password, which it's been accepting for months. It's done this before. So,I follow the link to reset my password. It says it will give me six digit code to get in and at the time reset my password. It rejects its own six-digit code.

OK, I verify my password on my password vault, and on my "paper" list. Yup, it's correct, just what I entered. I tried again. Again, correct password rejected. Try the link to reset--and Quicken again rejects its own six-digit code. Go through the whole rigamarole again, and it locks me out my account.

Because of its OWN mistakes and techno incompetence. Try it again a few mores, because Quicken has done this to me before, and just as suddenly as it quit working, it has before started working again. Now it’s always the same, rejecting the correct password, rejecting its own special six digit code.

I gave up and call their alleged support, which in the past has seen that Quicken has screwed up, lifted the block, and helped me through with a temporary password. But now, "support" tells me since I tried too many times to log in (because Quicken failed), now I'm locked out for 24 hours!

Hey, I tell the lady, this has happened before, and you've unlocked it and helped me get through with a temp password! OH, NO!!! she exclaims, utterly indignant that I should ask her fix Quicken's own mistakes, for which I am now suffering. But Quicken has failed like this before, I remind her, and "support" has always verified my identity, unlocked my account and helped me get in.

OH, NO!!! she exclaims again, utterly aghast I should even think of her solving the problem Quicken created. We CAN'T unlock it. There have been too many log in attempts! But that's because Quicken failed, and continues to fail. The problem isn't with me, it's with YOU.

YOU are rejecting your own special, one-time code, and you keep doing it? IT DOESN'T MATTER!!! she exclaims in exasperation at my obvious stupidity. There have been too many unsuccessful log in attempts. THAT'S YOUR FAULT , I practically shout her. You're going to make me pay for your own techno failings?

WE CAN'T UNLOCK the account, not after this many failures to log in properly, she says, talking to me like I'm a deaf, extinct dinosaur. You'll have to wait 24 hours. I HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR OWN MISTAKES? I stop beating my head against the wall long enough to ask? There have been too many failed log in attempts, she says.

In the background I hear the hiss of phonograph needle on the record I've been listening to. I give up and tell her that's since she's not even going to attempt to try to help, I'm through with her. Maybe I got the wrong number for support and got put to Customer Service in Hell, instead?

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