Problem with Downloading Credit Card Transactions

I've been told that the Quicken team is working to resolve the inability of the One-Step Update to download CC transactions from Citibank. In the interim, I wanted to share a workaround.
If you log in to your Citibank CC online account, you can download the transactions in a QFX format. Click on the "Export" option when viewing the transactions, and then select the QFX Quicken option in the popup window. Wait for a different popup window to show the file has been downloaded, ensure the CC account is opened in Quicken, and then click on the downloaded file. The transactions should appear in the CC account in Quicken.


  • MattT
    MattT Member ✭✭✭✭

    FYI, this specific issue between Citi and Quicken is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary (May 2022 I believe). Friend “Quicken Jasmine” used to send out weekly (email) status updates (although the report was always “…still investigating…”, “…no estimated time to complete…”, etc.), but I haven't received one since end of January, so I'm guessing even she's gotten frustrated with the problem or has been directed to no longer post the status. My personal opinion is that this is not a specific hardware or software issue that can't be remedied, but rather a business disagreement between Quicken and Citi about protocols or the like, and both are opting for stubbornness to help their customers.