Quicken fails to download USAA account transactions

I am running the earliest version of Quicken R47.15 build

Quicken will no longer download transactions from USAA. USAA method of download is “Direct Connect” base off of USAA FAQ Website.

I have used Quicken for years and when ADDING an account to quicken you were able to go to Tools->search for USAA-> Advanced Options and choose to either connect VIA Direct Connect or Express Web Connect+". You no longer have that option.

Now when you choose to connect to USAA or click on the Advance Option, quicken directs you to USAA linked web page, you then have to log in and authorize quicken to access your account. At this point it works fine with no errors and it even connects your accounts. The problem is that it auto connects VIA “Express Web Connect+” which is not supported by USAA. So, no transactions will download.

Quicken needs to give user the option to use "Direct Connect or Express Web Connect+", instead of automatically connecting with Express Web Connect.

I have contacted USAA and I have a ticket so still not sure who needs to fix the issue. Either USAA '''gives permission for users to connect VIA Express Web Connect +". USAA states that the link should be sending you to this URL


Instead Quicken sends you to a URL which connects you VIA “Express Web Connect+".