Calculating budget monthly average doesn't follow current date range

Quicken Deluxe Ver R47.15 Build, Windows 10 Ver 21H2.

I'm trying to set up a 2023 budget based on actual values. Problem #1 is that it only grabs current YTD actuals (the date range was set to 1/1/23-12/31/23 and the date is currently 3/14/23) so the average is only based on 1/1/23-3/14/23. There doesn't seem to be a way to grab the last 12 months (3/15/22-3/14/23).

Plan B. After reading a few threds, I decided to make last year's budget, using 1/1/22-12/31/22 date range, first (since it has a complete year's worth of actuals), and then use the 2022 budget to make a new 2023 budget. Problem #2 is that the total yearly actual amount that is divided by 12 to get the average monthly amount seems to also be based on the current YTD (1/1/23-3/14/23) resulting in the monthly average for 2022 to be way off. Is there any way around this?

Possible useful enhancements:

Have the EOY Summary (column 13) be able to have the same Budget, Actuals, and Balance columns as the months do (but, obviously, with the complete year values).

The screen needs to not automatically reset to the top of the category list. Every time I complete updating a category and all the new values are populated, the display puts me back to the top of the category list. With all the categories I have in my budget, I'm spending a lot of time scrolling back down to the category I'm wanting to work on.