How do I create a new budget using last year's actuals?

As per a previous question, Quicken seems to be locked into using the current YTD actuals for populating any new budget no matter what the date range is. Is there a way to manually launch the normal "new budget" dialog box that supposedly pops up When the calendar switches to a new year or when you're wanting create a new budget for next year? Calendar says it's 2023 and I want to create a new budget with a 2022 date range (12 months of actuals), then use the "new budget" dialog box to use 2022 budget categories, and budget values for a new 2023 budget. Any ideas?


  • Bob_L
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    What you want to do should be easy to do. Unfortunately after an hour or so of trying, I am also unable to create a new budget for 2023 this month using 2022 actuals. (BTW, I used the "pop up" dialog you mentioned to expand my budget to 2023 this year with no problem, but that may be because I already had a budget in place.)

    I look forward to hearing from others as to how this can be done, but I am not holding my breath. There have been long running problems regarding budgets that may have been fixed while adding new ones. In the meantime I suggest you ty calling support to see if they offer anything beyond what is included in the onboard help(which IMO does not work). I will also bring it up with other SUs/moderators to see if they can h elp.

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