Windows 11 Problem

So unfortunately, after working for fine for months, I am unable to get Quicken to work with Windows 11 (though the same file works fine on my windows 10 laptop). When I startup the program, I keep getting this error message:

I have attempted several different fixes. I have tried restoring from a previous backup. This worked for a bit and then Quicken glitched out and froze, forcing a task manager shutdown.

I have tried creating a brand new file multiple times, and it will glitch, and usually end up with the message above.

I have installed and uninstalled multiple times in several different ways, sometimes with my antivirus and firewall completely off, and nothing has changed. I have tried enabling .NET Framework 3.5 - nothing.

I tried my luck chatting with Quicken support, and they were unable / unwilling to help. I was told to get with "Windows Support", it was probably a "settings" issue. Thing is, this worked fine for months on this laptop. I can put this on my ancient Win 10 laptop and it works fine.

Anyoine else having this issue? Anyone know a fix?



  • TTSguy
    TTSguy Member ✭✭✭✭

    I just reinstalled Windows 11 and Quicken and everything is fine. I also noticed that 3 new Win 11 updates were released today. If you installed them that might be an issue.