Will Quicken ever Work in 2023

Three things not working at the moment, all well documented in this site but seeing no urgency or progress. HELP !

  1. Online access to Fidelity Netbenefits not working.. This has killed my portfolio tracking as well investment mgmt activity.
  2. Ally bank acess sending to you in to 2 level security validation hell that never resolves and leaves Quicken in a messed up state.
  3. Budjets keep on being corrupted.

Can we have some action please, Or will have to look at alternates, 20+ year Quicken user.



  • joturnage
    joturnage Member ✭✭
    I would say don't hold your breath. I have been using Quicken since it was Quicken 1.0 for DOS. I originally bought Quicken because MS Money was an awful, bloated piece of software and MS was uninterested in responding to flaws. Someone will come along soon (if they aren't already here) and do to Quicken what Quicken did to MS Money all those years ago. Quicken has long-since forgotten what it means to actually care. Like most companies today, they care about their bottom line and nothing else.
  • Andrew H
    Andrew H Member

    Its interesting I have not had 3 show stopper issues at once for such a long time !