Nothing seems to work anymore

ETrade and BNYMellon-Pershing: I'm repeatedly being told by Quicken that passwords are wrong (they aren't - can easily sign in directly to those accounts on the web)

USAA continually asking me to "reauthorize" in spite of reauthorizing MULTIPLE times.

When I did get downloads - ended up with entries in credit cards (multiple banks) and checking account with transactions from last year - all balances [mess]ed up - couldn't find duplicates, ended up just making balance adjustments. What a headache.

I already use [Removed - 3rd-Party Software]'s on line account management (now it's called Empower) and it has its issues as well, but I've used Quicken for so many years and hate to abandon ship however all these are Quicken problems NOT the banks' problems. And now AMEX Personal Savings no longer works with Quicken. Wondering what is going on and what the fix is? Or will it be fixed?