Bank of America "online balance" does not match actual online balance after UPDATE

I recently renewed my subscription to be able to downloand and reconcile my B of A accounts. I got a popup window telling me I had to reconnect my accounts to Quicken because of a change that Quicken & Bank of America did back in October 2022. So I did, and downloaded my WEB CONNECT transactions and balanced to my statements BUT after choosing to switch back to reconcile to Online balance, my ONLINE BALANCE shown in Quicken window and the actual online balance shown on a seperate window tab DO NOT MATCH. It is suddenly over $20K off. And NO, there are no pending transactions.


  • Nicholas Deane
    Nicholas Deane Member ✭✭
    I began getting an online balance for a Bank of America personal account that was high by exactly twice a regular monthly transfer I make into the account from a business account. All of those show reconciled except for a transfer that is pending today ... which would only account for half the discrepancy.
  • MJS59
    MJS59 Member

    I ended up having to disconect my account from Bank of America, then I had to sanitize the account ( tech support walked me throught this) and then reestablish connections to my account linking B of A to Quicken, and that brought the balances back in sync. A lot of hassel with this software.