Transfer between Accounts

I have used Quicken for >15 years. I previously used Windows but have been using Quicken on the Web for the last few years because I have a chromebook. Yesterday I started having issues with transfers. When I transfer money from a checking to a savings account, the balance does not reconcile. When I deleted the transaction from my checking account, the balance then deducted from the savings (which usually happens) but now the savings account balance is incorrect. I can also see that the new entry is not being sorted in the appropriate order - I default by date but the latest transaction seems to be pushed to the last entry for each month. Is there a way to return to a previous date's backup, before this error started occuring. Or did my settings get messed up? Any help is appreciated!


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    after using Quicken for 15 yrs I'm sure you know that the Quicken On The Web data is not complete or backed up anywhere except the Quicken desktop.

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