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I have been used Quicken for many years, but only English is supported so far.

Right now, window OS and android system have supported multiple languages, if Quicken can support this feature as well for globally use.

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  • DLibretti
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    I second that. My team in Brazil only understand Portuguese and are very limited in using the software because they cannot understand the features and functionalities. It’s a shame that after 40 years in the market, international customers are ignored by the company.

  • NotACPA
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    Many years ago, Q had an "international" version. It didn't sell well, so it was discontinued.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    In some ways it is the very fact that Quicken Windows has been on the market for 40 years as to why it doesn't support multiple languages (even besides the issue of cost to revenue). Quicken Windows isn't "Unicode", and as such can only support one language at a time. Changing from non-Unicode to Unicode is extremely difficult.

    Quicken Mac which was rewritten at a time where Unicode has already been in use would be easier to do this (but again I doubt it, the money isn't there, and neither are the people that that would be doing it, Quicken Inc is only about 200 people). In general, this is sort of like deciding to write a program that will be used on multiple operating systems. If it wasn't planned from the beginning it is most likely never going to happen. All the text has to be "separated" from the GUI and such components and loaded in from different language tables.

    As it sits right now, Quicken barely supports Canada, and probably won't if it wasn't for the long history of it being in there from very early in the development of Quicken.

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