HSA Bank downloading transactions again. You'd think that'd be good news.

anschutzw Member ✭✭
On a whim, since HSA Bank has not been downloading transactions in Quicken Windows since December 7 of last year, I thought I'd try again to see if I could get my transactions from the last 95 days. I went to Add Account, chose HSA Bank, inputted my user I.D. and password, got the 6-digit code from HSA Bank and lo and behold, the linked account screen popped up. This is the furthest I'd gotten in the last 3 months. I linked my HSA Bank account to my Quicken HSA Bank account. It asked again for a 6-digit code so I put that in and transactions from the last 85 days or so downloaded into Quicken. I was ecstatic! Until I saw that my Online Balance (a positive number) and Quicken Ending Balance (a negative number) was off by almost two thousand dollars, which is not the case at all. I do not have it set where downloaded transactions are automatically added to the banking register. I prefer to match those up on a transaction by transaction basis. Express Web Connect is the download method. I reconciled the account by adding back the difference. What happened?
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