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My register displays dates as "WednesdaySeptember22". This is a) hard to read b) too long c) not fixed width and d)doesn't include the year. Reports either have a very wide date column or clip off the end. I wind up resizing columns in the register a lot to see the end of the date, and even then I have to get the details to see which year it is.

There doesn't appear to be a way to change it. Request a feature to set the date format for register and reports. For example in reports I sometimes prefer YYYY-MM-DD, which sorts and is easy to compare. In the register I'd prefer to use the same format as when entering dates (m/d/yyyy). Having the day of the week is useful sometimes, but i'd like to shorten it to 2 or 3 letters.

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    @ckiick Quicken relies on macOS for display of dates. Apparently you have this date format selected in your macOS preferences. Go to System Preferences (Settings if you're running Ventura), and select Language & Region. Is it set to Unted States? If so, the default for short dates should be m/d/yy, which is visible at the bottom of that screen. Click on Advanced > Dates to change your date preferences.

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