Why are some catagory registered expenses not showing up

Hello to all,
I have a problem with my "Planing" budget showing a detailled view of all expenses registered in my register.
All catagories are set up the same way ie: Catagory/name of expense.
Some expenses are registering with no problem yet others do not record in my Planning budget.
I spent hours trying to see if there was something different between the recorded expenses and there are not.
I would greatly appreciate if anyone can give me a hand with this problem.
I am running Quicken Starter edition 2023 on windows 10,
Thank you, Best regards



  • AEWS
    AEWS Member

    In the budgeting, did you try in the upper right "budget actions" then "select categories"?

  • douglasnoades
    douglasnoades Member ✭✭
    Yes, as per Quicken’s comment, it’s a bug that they are working on.
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