USAA Credit Card Problem {Edited}

artleach Member ✭✭

All has worked terribly until today. Now it's even worse. Effective this morning Quicken no longer recognizes one of my USAA credit card accounts (the one I use the most) and therefore no longer downloads my transactions. Quicken is getting worse nearly every week. After 2 1/2 decades of using Quicken, I'm really, really disappointed. Quicken desperately needs to return to Intuit.


  • artleach
    artleach Member ✭✭
    I owe Quicken a BIG APOLOGY. The problem I had today was caused by me, NOT by Quicken. Because of all the recent problems, I made an assumption that this was just one more. It WASN'T! It was caused by me, and I'm truly sorry for my emotional rhetoric. I can only hope they'll accept my apology.
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