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Right now, Quicken sorts all categories alphabetically. I'd like to be able to sort those manually.

For example, I'd like to break Expenses down into two broad categories: Recurring and Non-Recurring. The former would include all my regular monthly expenses. The latter would include my occasional expenses or onetime projects (e.g., home renovation). As it’s now, Quicken sorts Non-Recurring before Recurring (i.e., alphabetically), I'd like to sort them manually so Recurring comes before Non-Recurring. Thanks,

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  • jacobs
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    Where would you define your personal sort order? Dragging up and down in the Categories window? Would you expect this to then apply to reports? Would it apply if you clicked the Category heading in a register to sort by category? It seems like this could cause a lot of user confusion.

    I can think of two ways to do this currently. I don't like this approach personally, but here's one way to do it:

    • Create two categories called Recurring and Non-Recurring
    • Make all your existing categories sub-categories of one of those two main categories. To do this, drag each category over one of the main categories; when you release your mouse, you should see the dragged category now as a sub-category.
    • Note that you won't be able to move the Quicken-restricted category of Investments, Transfer, Adjustment or Uncategorized.

    Another option is to rename all your recurring categories with a short prefix to make them sort to the top. For example, putting an asterisk * in front of the category name will jump it above all other category names. so theyn all your recurring categories will appear first, in alphabetical order, followed by the non-recurring categories in alphabetical order.

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