27Mar2023-One Step is downloading transactions already in my register and reconciled

3 difference accounts having the same issue....

First Ally Bank… last month's interest paid downloaded this morning at 6 AM. Since it was a duplicate of a transaction already in the register and marked "R" when I reconciled last month's statement, date for both = 2/25/2023 and amount $14.14

I deleted the "extra" transaction downloaded this morning. Now I can not reconcile this month's statement because it is "off" by exactly $14.14… I reported the issue and went on to my Discover Credit card…

Second, Discover Card... same symptom and behavior… an transaction already in my register downloaded again and I could not "match" so this time I renamed the one in the register = Duplicate. The only way I could reconcile was to check as Clr …. in Reconcile window to bring difference to $0.00

On hold waiting for support, as I have a before me a third... Discover Bank... a transaction in Downloaded... with a slightly different date and already marked "R" because I reconciled last month's statement weeks ago. I do notice the date of the "just appeared" is 3 days later than the date in the register.

I want to get a ticket opened ASAP, not a warm fuzzy going forward.... stuck with with the blues in the cloud?
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