Downloads from Charles Swab and BoA

I did the process that support recommeded and the copy to another files appears to have worked? I have several issues now with my bank and Charles Swab at this point.

  1. The date time stamp last download is not working any more in the account list for all the accounts bank and Charles Swab.
  2. The monlthy reinvested interest for a money market is not working at all. first when the transaction get to quicken the amount in the transaction is zero. second the transaction is not a reinvest transaction it is a cash transaction.
  3. when I tried to reconnect the 5 Swab accounts quicken tried to connect to the wrong accounts and I had no ability to correct the mistake so I had to keep tring to reconnect over and over again until everything matched up.

I hope everything is OK but until all the accounts have updates I will not knwo that everything is connected properly.

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