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I started using "Assign Category Groups" in Planning. The "1. Find the category you'd like to assign" (1 group) text box displays the categories in alphabetical order by parent/child relationship wth sub-categories indented so that the specific category is fairly easy to find. However, the "2. Assign it to a custom category group" (2 group) is in the same alphabetical order by parent/child, but the sub-categories are not indented which makes it appear to be in a random order thereby making it more difficult to find a specific category to see if it's already been added.

Is there a way to indent the 2 group?

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    Here is an illuatration of your issue / idea for others. Not changeable. In the Category List, you can see your custom category groups in the way you wish to see them. But, this view only allows you to sort on the Group. And, search feature does not work on the Group, unfortuneately.

    I've requested that this post be turned into an idea.

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    Yes, window 2 looks random, but if you have the same group in both windows, you will see that the categories in window 2 are in the same order as the categories in window 1, but they're not indented according to their hierarchy. It would be nice if Quicken would format window 2 to show the hierarchy the same as window 1.