One Step Update says to reauthorize, bank says "done", but quicken won't add it

I have Quicken R48.15, and just got a new custom built computer with Windows 11. Quicken was fine for the first few weeks, and it downloaded transactions from my Capital One credit card no problem. Then a few days ago I got a popup saying I needed to reauthorize my account at the bank. So I follwed instructions and ended up at the bank website, with a popup saying to click the button to authorize if I wanted, and it spun around a bit and then said congrats, you're set and that I would be returned to windows.

But when I got back to Quicken, the "Action" heading over to the right says

"Don't add to Quicken"

That baffles me. Where did that come from? There was nowhere that asked me did I want to add or not. The whole thing was there to get that account added, and the Cap One website said it was all set, and I got an email saying

"You linked Quicken to your Capital One account"

Anyone have any idea what to do?

Thanks for any help!

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