Quicken freezes up when syncing (hung up)

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I bought a new computer with Windows 11. I downloaded the Quicken app for Windows and copied the file from my old computer to my new one. That all went fine. Then when I went to sync to the cloud, it keeps freezing (getting hung up) when it reaches the transactions part. I end up having to shut down the app through the task manager because it's just frozen on my screen. I called Quicken Support and the man was very nice and helped me try a whole bunch of things and stayed on the phone with me past his time to get off. I was on the phone for 1.5 hours. He said he would call me back the next day and never did. We validated the file, downloaded a patch, disabled the firewall, reset cloud data 5 times, uninstalled and reinstalled Quicken 3 times, and still nothing worked. Instead of syncing now, I just go in and reset the cloud everytime I want the mobile app to be updated. It still freezes up on my computer, but it at least pushes the updates to my mobile. It won't sync any changes I made through my mobile app though which stinks because that's what I'm paying the subscription for. Has anyone had this issue and gotten it resolved? I'm so frustrated. I've been using Quicken for over 15 years.


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    After dealing with this issue for 4 days, it magically is working correctly when I got home.

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