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It would be EXTREMELY helpful to have the ability to reorder the register columns. I can't believe that this isn't a default feature.

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  • UKR
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    The only options available to rearrange columns in banking registers are in Edit / Preferecnes / Register:

    You can display banking registers in one-line-per-transaction mode or two-lines-per-transaction. Pressing CTRL-2 toggles between these two modes.

    You can add or remove columns to/from each register by using the Register Columns icon in the register view

    But that's about it for the time being. What other changes would you like to see?

  • russellmcculloch

    I'd like to see the ability to drag and drop columns in the register to where you want them. That's pretty weak with 2 check boxes. I just transitioned back to Windows after using Mac for the last decade (I've been a Quicken user for right at 20 years now). The Mac version of Q was still playing catch up to the Window version back in 2012 when I went over to the Mac. Has it flipped now? I can't believe that basic interface flexibility I had on the Mac doesn't exist in Quicken for Windows.

  • Chris_QPW
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    @russellmcculloch I think one of the stumbling blocks in Quicken Windows is the two-line mode.]

    I notice in Quicken Mac the users have pushed for the two-line mode and the developers have always pushed back against it.

    A bit of Quicken Mac history that people don't know is that one of the main reasons for a rewrite of Quicken Mac was that the register was getting so complicated and error prone.

    In both Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac 2007 and below basically you got highly customized "widgets". What this means is that something that might be trivial in the standard grid widget (moving columns around) because extremely hard to do in this complicated custom mess. Not to mention not even what people expect.

    If I'm in single line mode:

    Which columns are where is a "personal preference".

    But when you switch to two-line mode now you have some columns that are "sub columns" of the one above, and moving them around doesn't make as much sense anymore:

    And yes, by the very fact that Quicken Mac is a rewrite and a "new look" at the existing features/problems you will be seeing things in it that are better than in Quicken Windows. On the other hand, the opposite will be true too.

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