Need away to rerun renaming rules on dowloaded transactions

When downloading tansactions, Quicken will apply the renaming rules and with some version update, started applying its own suggested payee names. There is no easy way to fix the transactions, except doing one at a time as you accept/match them. This is a problem for both the payee name and the category.

There should be an option to rerun the renaming rules on the downloaded transactions before they are accepted/matched. So if a user downloads hundreds of transactions, and starts accepting them, but then finds one that is getting renamed or categorized incorrectly, the user should be able to go into the renaming rules and fix it. Then the user can rerun the renaming to fix all the remaining downloaded transactions that have the same problem. Right now, the change to the renaming rule only applies on the next download.

Also, the Downloaded payee name should always be the actual string in the downloaded transaction, not the payee suggested by Quicken. Once accepted, there is no way to see the acutal downloaded payee name in the register.

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