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I had an error code downloading Quicken data for a bank…and somehow, I clicked on sanitize file (thinking it would sanitize the data before sending the report to quicken). Now, I notice there is a seperate SANITIZED File as well as my Original Quicken File. Can I delete the Sanitized file? I just dont want that in my list of files.

How do I delete it?


  • RickO
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    Yes, you can delete the sanitized file. The purpose of that file is to send a copy of your database to Quicken for troubleshooting without divulging any of your actual financial data. If you have not been requested to send it by Quicken Support, then there is no need to keep it.

    Once you have delete the file, you can re-open your regular file, then click menu File > Open Recent > Clear to get it out of the recently used files list.

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