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I have a rather large quicken file, so it takes awhile to open - its also password protected.
So its rather annoying that quicken checks for software updates AFTER it opens my file,
which it then has to RE-open after the update.

Wouldn't it make more sense to do the check for and do the software update FIRST, BEFORE opening my file?

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  • Rick2022
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    My file opens fine - within seconds actually. My file is over 160 MB. From what you are saying you want to happen would mean that the Quicken app would have to open, then check for updates and then open your data file. This would add unnecessary time to the time it takes to open data files for most users.

    I vote No to this request.

    Questions: How big is your file? How many Quicken windows/reports do you have open in the background? Having those open will affect the speed of the opening of your data file.

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  • jtburgess
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    It doesn't matter how big the file is. It's that it has to open it twice, and in my case, that means I have to enter the password twice.

    Here's another reason. I just copied our data file from my wife's mac to mine, and I got an error when it tried to open it, saying that the version on the file was newer than the version I'm running. THEN it told me that there was an update available. If it had checked for the update first, everything would have gone smoothly.

  • Rick2022
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    Sorry, I guess you missed my point. I was asking about potential issues that caused a slow down with your file opening. Under the current situation, it opens twice for everyone if there is an update and users get the update. If it checked for an update before opening anyone's file, that would add time to open files for everyone, every time they opened a file. People want things to be quicker, not slower now days. Seems your main issue is having to input the password twice. Easy fix. Remove the password.

    And with the error you received, seems as if it has to open the file to know how it is configured in order to know if the Quicken app version being used is correct or that a new version is available.

    How long have you been moving the file between computers? I've heard of users corrupting their file trying to do that.

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