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provide an approach for providing a list of all stocks and other investments in brokerage accounts that have zero share balances and an editing tool to allow quick removal of them from watch lists and daily price updates.

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  • Cycles
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    The ability to produce a selection screen where all the selected securities listed on the screen have either /or both of these selection criteria

    no transactions and /or

    zero current holdings

    which allows securities to be selected for deletion and / or removal from the watch list would be a very useful enhancement

  • UKR
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    A stock which has been sold in its entirety should automatically no longer be included in daily quotes updates, even if "Download Quotes" is checked in the Security List.

    As a workaround …
    To clean out your Watch list go into Tools / Security List. Uncheck the "Watch List" box for each of the undesired securities, one click at a time.

    When adding new securities, "add to Watch List" usually is marked by default. Remember to uncheck it if you don't want it in the Watch List.

    A Portfolio View, with "show closed lots" enabled and sorted by Shares should give you a report of all your "zero holdings" at the top, followed by active (non-zero) holdings.