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Currently you can do an annual review or graph view. The Annual review gets hard to use in the second half of the year due to windows constraints on scrolling around to see actual and categories. The Graph view gives a nice monthly summary but I have a hard time with the visual presentation of the bars. A hybrid of the annual and graph showing the monthly view like the annual review but without the bars, please.

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    What annoys me when working on a budget is I am frequently comparing the current month or year to a previous month or year. Every time you go backward or forward in time the view goes right back to the top of the budget. Say I am looking at Utilities which is at the bottom my budget. Every time I go back a month or year it goes back to the top showing Personal Income and one has to constantly scroll down again to get to what you are working on. Very annoying. It's like you were working in an Excel spreadsheet and it was constantly kicking you back to the top of the spreadsheet and not where you were working. Highly annoying.