Fidelity NetBenefits Not Downloading All Holdings

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I have NetBenefits for both HSA and 401(k). For the last several weeks, connectivity has been spotty, and the downloads from Fidelity are only about half the securities in my 401(k). I have tried twice to delete and recreate the account, including clearing Quicken Cloud, but the results have been the same. The one thing I have noticed is that my non-Fidelity securities download, but the mutual funds from Fidelity do not. I have posted about this in other threads where NetBenefits has had issues, but there has been no comment back. What is being done to address these issues with Fidelity?


  • Any progress in this one? I can't get any of my transactions or my balance on my 401k to download. Very frustrating

  • I am having the same issue and tech support says it's a major issue. Personally, without this being resolved I don't see the value of using the platform.

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    I'm having this same issue with my wife's 403b. The account was showing zero balance and no holdings. So I removed it. I went to add it back, and when you log I entered login info for the institution, it brought up the account in question and showed the right balance. But then when I clicked to add it to the accounts list, it says $0 again.

    I just started using quicken a few months ago and it all showed up then, now it doesn't. Very concerning.

  • Its so aggravating. I have done the same thing five times and it shows the right balance then it reverts to zero after adding the account. Arrrrgh

  • How long does it take for Quicken to resolve these issues with Fidelity or any provider for that matter. Seems like a glacial pace.

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    For Fidelity NetBenefits accounts - In Account Settings for the Quicken account, on the Downloads tab, it is Recommended that

    • The Financial Institution is: Fidelity NetBenefits and not some variation on the name.
    • The Connection Type is: Direct Connect. Quicken often defaults to type Quicken Connect, which can trigger the problems described.

    If the above does not help, then:

    1. Disconnect ALL accounts connected to Fidelity NetBenefits. Check menu Accounts > Hide and Show Accounts… and sort on the Financial Institution column.
    2. In Quicken Preferences > Cloud Account, click the Reset button.
    3. Connect Quicken to your Fidelity NetBenefits account per the recommendations above.

    To really establish if Quicken can connect to Fidelity NetBenefits, you may want to

    1. Create a separate Test Quicken data file: menu File > New > Start from scratch.
    2. Connect Quicken to your Fidelity NetBenefits account per the recommendations above.
    3. Test as needed to establish that the connection works.

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    Thank you Lhossus, that was helpful. My account was set to Netbenefits Worldwide, instead of Fidelity Netbenefits. The good news is that my 401k is now showing correctly. That bad news is my HSA is not showing via that connection. And the Worldwide says it won't accept connections at the moment, so I can't restore it, either.
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    For Fidelity HSA accounts:

    • The Financial Institution is: Fidelity Investments Mac
    • The Connection Type is: Direct Connect. (only choice available)

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    Thank you again. That works. All transactions now available
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    Any update to this issue. I have 3 accounts - 403b, 457, and dcp. Only 403b is getting updated. The other two were not getting updated. I Reset them and it still did not work. I Deactivated all three accounts and when reactivating, only 403b gets reactivated and shows an option to link to the right account in the quicken file, the other two are shaded out and states that it is already linked to the two remaining accounts. These accounts continue to show that the online setup needs to be made and one tries to set it up, it says it is already linked and puts me in a loop.

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