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I sync my quicken 401k to the quicken cloud. Value will match desktop. After a few days the web and mobile app will no longer match the desktop 401K balance. The problem is quicken cloud attempts to get the share quotes for my investments using MorningStar. My investments are held in Fidelity and are 'private' investments. they are not accessible outside my company and the tickers are NOT available to MorningStar. So as time goes on, quicken web/mobile gets more and more out of sync with the desktop ( which is always correct). Easy fix: Add to Quicken a 'switch' which would tell Quicken cloud to either use MorningStar for quotes OR to only use the uploaded desktop quotes. New switch/option would be on an 'account' wide basis. I've discussed the issue with tech support multiple times over past few years. They havent been able to fix this discrepency between desktop and cloud. Open to other options that would fix this issue.
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    Another option, would be to allow users to just 'mirror' their desktop quicken data to the quicken cloud dataset. When syncing data from desktop, data would be copied to quicken cloud, then when user views data via quicken web or mobile app they would see their latest uploaded desktop data. Data or changes would never flow from quicken cloud to the desktop. Data would only go desktop to cloud. This is basically all I want to do when away from home. Just view my quicken data exactly as it looks on my desktop from the last sync/mirror upload. Thanks.