Reinstate support for Thai Baht

I have seen posts online about people using Quicken with Thai Baht, but when I try to create a new account I don't see Baht on the list. I contacted support and was told that Thai Baht is no longer supported. Why not?! Please reinstate support for Thai Baht. I need to create accounts using this currency. I've been a user of Quicken for 20+ years, with lots of history in my data file and would like to continue using Quicken.

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    I have never heard of an active currency "not being supported." That sounds to me like bum advice from the support rep.

    The Thai Baht currency may not be part of the Currency List by default, but you can easily add a new currency to the Currency List. Once added, create the offline account with the desired currency.

    To add the currency use the details shown below. The Currency Code THB is required if you want to be able to download exchange rate updates from the net.