Printing checks with today's date (Q Mac)

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The Windows version had a setting to update the date printed on a check from the scheduled date to the date the check is actually printed. This is very useful as I always schedule my checks for the due date, but I usually print them a week before just to be sure they are delivered on time. The Mac version does not have a setting that allows for automatically updating the date on the check to the printed date. Likewise, it would be useful if there was an option on the Bills & Income tab to "Mark as Paid with today's date" under Actions so that online payments done manually have the date paid rather than the scheduled date. I know that I can "Edit and mark as paid…" to change the date, but this is a multi-step process.

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    Wow! They still haven't got that feature in Q Mac? Must not get requested too often ...

    As a Q for Windows user myself, even with the "Change date of checks to date when printed" option available to me but never used, I've always set the reminder's Due Date to the date when I want to actually print the check, usually "Actual Due Date minus 10 days".
    You might want to do that for your check reminders, at least until the programmers get a round tuit and implement this feature.