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A recent enhancement was put into the reports where you can double click on a column header and the column will be resized to show all the information in that column. This is a great feature, but I would like to have a button that when you click it all the columns are resized at the same time.

Whether this a new report or you might be changing the size of the report window and such lots of times the information is cut off because some columns are too small. Double clicking on multiple columns is a bit of a pain.


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  • Jim_Harman
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    Before they do that, I wish Quicken to fix what they have already implemented.

    The way it is now, for reports where clicking on the column header changes the sort order, you have to click 3 times on the divider to the right of the column you want to auto-size. Once to select the column(?) then double click to auto-size.

    I would think that a simple double click as described in the Release Notes would do it.

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  • Chris_QPW
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    I don’t know what is different on my machine but I just need to double click on the column header text to have it auto size, and I haven’t notice and I haven’t noticed any changes in the sort order. But it might be either I just didn’t notice it and it did do it or I was in a report that does have different sort orders to change to. They certainly should fix the bugs. I didn’t mention it here because this was just meant to be a feature request, but the column widths are no longer being saved. This has been reported by others in other threads.

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