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I have been using Quicken for many years, and I have updated the category list to my liking. And I don't use some of the default categories. I decided to delete those categories that I don't want to use, to declutter the category list, but every time that there is a Quicken update, those default categories get added back to my file. And I've been stubborn enough to delete them again, and again, but every time they come back.
Would it be possible that, with an update, Quicken does NOT add categories that were previously deleted? That would be soooo nice!!!
THANKS for considering it!!

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  • MarkThorne
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    My God, please someone address this. I cannot stand that Quicken does this. We are perfectly capable of creating our own categories!

  • Jim_Harman
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    I have not experienced this problem, and there have been very few reports of this happening.

    Can you give some examples of deleted Categories that are being added?

    Do you use the Quicken mobile apps or have Cloud Sync enabled? That might account for a problem like this.

    If you ever intend to use Quicken's automatic categorization of downloaded transactions, it is best to rename Categories to your preferred names rather than deleting them.

    Also if there are Categories that you do not use you can hide them rather than deleting them.

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