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I've loaded a lot of past data from credit cards. I want to split my 50 past Costco transactions 60% groceries, 20% food, and 20% pet food & supplies.

I can only split one transaction at a time. What a pain in the neck to have to do 50 transactions individually.

I'd like to be able to split two or more selected transactions at the same time.

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  • jacobs
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    @Steve_Calif There is an existing Idea transaction to add functionality to do splits by percentage:

    If implemented, that would help you with future transactions, so you may want to add your vote for it.

    Also, you may want to vote for QuickMath, a feature from the legacy Quicken Mac which hasn't been built yet in modern Quicken Mac, which allows apply a percentage to any amount with a keystroke you assign. (In this case, you'd enter a Costco transaction for $100, go to splits, click an assigned letter to take 60% the amount, which would create a second split line for the remaining 40%; then you'd click that amount with an assigned letter to take 50% (of the 40%) for the second split line, leaving the remainder in the third split line.)

    I think it's pretty unlikely that they would build a way to apply splits, by percentage, to past transactions. It would probably be complicated — it would need to work properly with data stored in Quicken Cloud — and most users probably don't want to have the program touch past transactions. I might be wrong about that, but my guess is that retroactive split changes by percentages is not likely to happen. And even if they do implement it, it's likely it will be so far in the future that won't be of help with changes you want now.

    So, thinking of possible workarounds for the moment… I don't know how long a period of time your 50 transactions span, but if it's just the past year or two, you might want to consider an alternative like this to editing and calculating the splits of 50 transactions.

    • Run a summary report of your Costco transactions, by month, for the time period involved.
    • Go back to the first month and enter a zero dollar transaction to pull money out of groceries (or whatever account your transactions defaulted to using) and apply it to the other two categories. For example:
    • By saving a QuickFill rule for the transaction, you can repeat it monthly after that by typing part of the Payee name

    You'll still have to manually enter the split amounts for each month, but if you have significantly fewer months than individual transactions, this could save you time.

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    Jacobs, I overlooked your great reply. Thanks for the ideas. I up-voted the Transaction Splits feature request.